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We create your website for you

You do your thing, and we'll do ours. Get our team to build your website and save time and money.


From idea to online in three steps

1. Initial Consultation

No need to order right away — give us a call for a no-obligation talk. If you decide to go further, we'll talk about your specific needs in the design consultation.

2. Building Your Website

Your design team is made up of specialists in different fields, like copywriting, web design and search engine optimization. They'll use their expertise to create the website you want.

3. Getting your site online

You'll get to see the first version of your new site within a few days. Let us know about any changes you want us to make, then your site is ready to go online.

Leave it to our experts

Our design team will build you a great-looking website that matches your business, brings in customers and ranks on Google.


Our expert team

We'll build you a complete website

Our designers and copywriters will create a website with up to seven subpages. These can include a home page, company profile, and product or team pages. More pages can be added on request.

Search engine optimization (SEO) experts step in to ensure that your website is also easily found on Google.

We’ll help create logos and find appropriate images. Got an existing logo? Let us know and we'll put it on your website.


The finishing touch

Your business looks better than ever

After we’ve created your website, we’ll check the content, talk you through each page and discuss the next steps. After you’ve given it the OK, we’ll help you put it online.

Once your website is live, you can easily edit it yourself — or just call us and we'll make the changes for you.


Maintenance service

Keeping your site up to date

Change is good. That’s why we’ll continue to be there for you even after your site has been published. No change is too big or too small.

We can update contact details, advertise promotions or exchange any of the images used on your website.

If you’d rather make the changes or add content yourself, go for it! Once your site has been published online, you can adapt it yourself using the intuitive website builder.


More than just a website

We plan, create and maintain professional websites that strengthen your brand, reach new customers and help tell the world your story.

Ease of Use

Built by experts for your users, stunning templates, and email features.


Search engine optimization (SEO), optimized web performance.


Secure with SSL, reinforced DDoS protection and perpetual security.

Finding Inspiration

If you're looking for some inspiration to do a website, you can start here. Below are some of the best sites to help get your creative juices flowing:

We believe websites should be personalized accordingly to the style, concept and the ideas of the founder. If you can have a clear picture of what you want for your website, we are here to build it.


Web Design Platform

We will be using WordPress to build your website.
WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world.

Fully Responsive Website

Your website will be responsive, it means that it will look appropriately on a desktop, tablet or a smartphone. ( if you're familiar with WordPress, you can get purchase a paid theme, and we will get your website started)

( if you're familiar with WordPress, you can get purchase a paid theme, and we will get your website started)

Functional Elements

In WordPress style, we called these plugins. Your website can have many elements ranging from a simple contact form to a more sophisticated CRM (customer relationship management) system. Some of this plugins are free, but most of the better ones are paid plugins.

(we can integrate these functions into your website, but paid plugins are purchased separately. )


What we do and don't do

We are web developers, we are not graphic designers, not copywriter.

As a web developer and web designer

Most of the things, if it's related to websites and functionality, we can most probably do it. If we can show it to us, or tell us more about how you want your website to look like, we can most probably do it.

Functional Elements & Design Elements

Types of fonts (other than paid fonts), colors, web layout, navigation menu, page loading speed. We can do this.

Changing Web Design Layout

Depending on the changes you would like to do for your website, a more complex design will take more time. You can change your design theme from time to time.

What we don't do

We don't do graphics, but most of the time we will request graphic (especially logo) from our customers, then we can design a unique website with similar color and design.

We also do not do copywriting. Here is the truth for all of you out there. There are literally thousands of industry out there, each with their own specialization and innovations by different industry are changing almost every weeks. And also how could anyone else be more familiar than your business other than you. Think twice before asking somebody else to do the copywriting.

(if you're planning for SEO, that's a different story, we will show you a way to stay ahead of the curve)


Is this suitable for you?

We have customers from many different industries. Our web design plans are designed for small and medium businesses, easy to managed, customizable and also very affordable.

How soon can your website be done?

We managed to create websites as soon as 5 working days. And some websites will need 1-2 months to create. On average, we will require about 10 working days to create your website.

How can we speed up the creation of your website?

You can choose from a range of free themes layout design from WordPress.org or from other places like themeforest.net for paid themes. (paid themes are not included in the subscription)

Get your content ready, whether is an image, or in text, please email us your content when you have sign up for our subscription plan.

Is there any extra charges?

Most of the available themes and plugins from WordPress.org are free. If you plan to purchase any paid themes or paid plugins, you can do so respectively. We would not charge any extra for installation and integration if you have an active subscription in our web design plans.


Web Design @MushroomTech FAQ

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the world's most popular open-source content management system. Whether you're a beginner or an expert at running a website, WordPress makes it easy for you to create, edit and manage all of your sites. WordPress was created by and is maintained by an expert team of worldwide developers. Since its launch in 2003, WordPress has continued to be built upon, tweaked and improved in an effort to provide its user base with the very best usability and site performance. This is just one of the reasons why WordPress is a top choice among businesses, eCommerce sites and hobbyists alike to power their site. The bottom line is that WordPress is loaded with the tools you'll need to help you accomplish your goals!

Can I use another CMS instead of WordPress?

No, we only provide web design based on WordPress. Our web design services using WordPress offers you all of the tools you'll need to power and run your websites. Just like WordPress, our services are designed for ease-of-use and performance.

How do I customize my WordPress site?

The first step in customizing your WordPress site is to log into your WordPress install. From there, you'll actually find an "Appearance" section within your WordPress dashboard dedicated to helping you customize your site. The easiest and most likely the method you'll find most effective is by using a pre-made WordPress theme. Just click the "Add New Theme" button to browse through a number of theme options. You can search for themes as well as use the Feature Filter. The Feature Filter is an excellent way to discover a theme that you like the most. This is where you can narrow down themes based on features, the type of layout you want and the subject of your site.
Once you find a theme you like, you will want to click on the selected theme and click the Install button. Once installed, navigate back to the Appearance menu, select the newly installed theme and select Activate.
Yes, we will assist you in building the website that you want along the way.

Can I use my own theme and plugins?

Yes, we do not interfere with any custom theme that you will be using. However, there will be limited support from the custom theme and plugins. Paid theme and paid plugins are charge separately.

Can I request for Refund?

Strictly NO REFUND is allowed after confirmation and payment.

How do I get started with Web Design?

All you need to do is sign up with a hosting account with us. WordPress will come pre-installed on your account. That means you don't have to worry about downloading WordPress install files and uploading them to your account.
Your WordPress install will already be waiting for you to build your content and begin promoting your site! Once you've completed signing up for your hosting account, you will receive an email telling you where to log into your WordPress install. From there, you can begin writing and publishing your content. Of course you can reach out to our online documentation.

Can I edit certain design code myself?

Yes, of course you can edit the code by yourself. However, MushroomTech reserves the right to refuse any troubleshooting or code/content update request.

Can I pay for monthly support for my WordPress website?

All Web Design packages in MushroomTech already includes the monthly support. So no extra charges.