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At MushroomTech Hosting, each server is high powered, ultra-reliable, expertly tuned by our team of engineers and monitored 24/7/365.

Asia - Singapore

Speed Tests

100MB File Download Speed Test

Downloading a test file from the data center you will be hosted in gives you a good estimate of our data centers' download speeds.

Asia-Singapore Data Center

IP Addresses
Test ping or traceroutes using the listed IP address
Asia-Singapore Data Center:

Redundant Network

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  • Dual Fiber Entrance
  • Multihomed network connectivity (If one internet provider goes down, we have multiple others to pick up the slack!)

Redundant Power Supply

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  • 300kVA UPS uninterrupted power
  • 480V 3-Phase building power
  • 1200 AMP -48 DC Power Plant
  •  750kVA Cummins Diesel Generator
  • 20A 120VAC UPS circuit

Data Center Security

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Our Hosting's data center is SSAE16 certified. Physical data center security measures include:

    • Gated parking lot with security key entry
    • Security key needed to enter data center
    • Security key needed to access fully enclosed locked server rack
    • Video surveillance

Closely Regulated Environment

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  • Data center properly set at 68 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Climate controlled with humidity levels between 30-40%
  • Static free flooring